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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Cyber Heist (2023)

Other name: 断网 斷網 斷網24小時 断网24小时 Duan Wang 24 Xiao Shi Disconnect'd Disconnected Киберналет


Zhuo Jia Jun is a senior cyber technician who is targeted by his brother Jason and general manager Sun Bin. He has a daughter, Bao Er, with his wife, Du Yong Shan.Jia Jun has developed a powerful AI program, "Yi Tai". Sun Bin accuses him of being involved in money laundering activities and threatens to cooperate with him against CEO Chen Ming Zhi.Jia Jun doesn’t know who is his enemy and who is his friend, so he launches ”Yi Tai” in the hope of finding out the truth. This move alerts Chen Ming Zhi, who sends his men to intercept Jiajun and take away the SSD. As Chen activates the ”Yi Tai” for illegal theft and money laundering, Jia Jun and Yong Shan try to stop the operation of the ”Yi Tai”.Yong Shan, a former brilliant hardware engineer, tries to use the computer to shut down the ”Yi Tai”. At this point, Chen Ming Zhi blackmails them to stop interfering with the ‘Yi Tai’ by kidnapping Bao Er. Jia Jun blackmails Chen in return, and when Chen Ming Zhi sees the amount of money plummeting, he asks Jia Jun to return to the company immediately to deal with the situation.Jia Jun and Yong Shan return to the company, and they risk their lives to try to shut down ”Yi Tai”. Then Sun Bin appears, and Jason also appears with Bao Er…(Source: Cpophome)

Country: Hong Kong

Status: completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Action Crime Drama Investigation Mystery Suspense Thriller

Cyber Heist (2023) trailer:
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